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Building Avkat Web App in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

I have chosen Visual Studio as the environment in which we will create the new Avkat Web App. This app will collaborate with the work Daniel has done on ArcGIS online.  I have embedded the map within my website, which was a fairly straightforward process.  I have created a interface that allows for querying our tabular data on the database Avkat_mySql.  Users will be able to chose content types of features, survey units, and ceramics.  Users can specify a date range or Era which corresponds to each content type. When Users click the button “Execute Query” a table will be generated that includes all the needed attributes of their chosen content. The first two cells of each row contain an info and photo button. The info button will bring the user to a new tab that has a detailed listing of all attributes. The photo button will bring the user to a new tab that will display all photos of the chosen content.

We are currently creating the functionality behind the photo and info button. I am collaborating with Daniel to make this happen.  The design of the current website is also under construction. We are focusing on the functionality of the web app first and foremost.  Here is a quick look at what we have so far, with some queried results.



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Troubleshooting Arcgis Map Services

the last week I have spent numerous hours troubleshooting arcgis map services. I had created multiple map services to host in an arcgisonline map. These services each act as a single layer in my map. The layers are observation points, features, survey units, modern roads, modern towns, quickbird imagery, and a digital elevation model. 

Two of the layers experienced problems with loading them into a web format. This was traced back to an ArcSDE problem. The features and survey units layers both required multiple related tables to be used. They also required a new related table, the photolog. This new table would allow us to choose a given feature F0002, and get back a list of the photo IDs that were taken at that specific feature. 

I spent numerous hours on the phone with ESRI technical support and we discovered that the problem stemmed from our database having a capital A in its name, Avkat.SDE. Therefore I had to create a new database that I could host the problem data in. This was no easy task. As errors were appearing that the ESRI analyst said, “This error only happens in ArcGIS 9.1”. Needless to say I was in ArcGIS 9.3. After much effort, I finally got the features and survey units layers to work and they are up and running. However during a second technical support session, I learned that Arcgisonline does not support related table views in their popups. This is a problem, as we wanted to be able to click on an individual feature and see in the popup all the information from the feature table, but also pictures. We now need a new way to show the pictures for individual features. This will have to be handled by the query method. 

We are now proceeding to add functionality to the query portion of the website. We are adding in a method to view a basic layout of the information queried as well as options for extra information and a button to view the photos. 

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